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Elevate customer experiences: scalable omnichannel solutions for your business

With over 23 years in the Customer Care industry, we’ve harnessed our expertise to craft Mondo’s platform and features perfectly.
Explore the unique capabilities of Mondo below.

The crucial role of having an omnichannel customer care

An omnichannel customer care strategy is paramount in today’s business landscape. It recognizes that customers interact with brands across various touch points, be it through webchat, email, social media or phone.
This strategy ensures a seamless and consistent experience across all these channels.

Our approach enhances customer satisfaction by allowing them to choose their preferred communication method, promoting convenience and minimizing frustration.

A well-implemented omnichannel customer care strategy not only improves customer loyalty and retention but also drives increased sales and revenue.

To start, let’s dive into more details about Mondo’s features.

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Webchat features

Business communication management

Omnichannel integration

External integration

Dashboard & analytics

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Webchat features

Purple circle with speech bubble icon, representing communication or messaging.

Instant Messaging System Features

Enhance real-time communication and collaboration.

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Unified Interaction Management

Effortlessly manage all interactions, ensuring efficient handling.

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Agent-Customer Conversations

Initiating a conversation with a customer, the agent can access order & interaction history, transfer the interaction to a specialised team or supervisor and create a support ticket.

A clock in a purple circle, indicating the passage of time.

Interaction History

Access a comprehensive log of past interactions and monitor ongoing ones. You can filter and sort by various criteria, such as date and agent username.

A magnifying glass and check list icon, symbolizing search and completion, respectively.

Agent Status Overview

Stay informed about the current status of all agents with this view. You can easily identify who is online, penalised, on a break or authenticated.

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Role-based Views

We offer three views: for agents, supervisors and account managers. Review and manage interactions as they appear to ensure organised and efficient communication.

Mondo units
Business communication management features


  • Choose the countries where your operations extend
  • Define out-of-office-hours communication channels
  • Craft and edit content tailored to selected countries and languages
  • Configuration options include:Selection of omnichannel platforms
    Generation of interaction reports
    Setup of Event Webhooks
    Configuration of Email Server Settings for Email channels
    Integration with Ticketing Platforms
    Linking with Outbound Call Providers
    The client entity encompasses multiple businesses
    Supports multiple out-of-office-hours channels


  • Individual Communication Channels:
    Each channel represents a unique communication pathway, including options such as webChat, voice, and email.
  • Out-of-Office-Hours Flexibility:
    For added flexibility, channels can be optionally associated with out-of-office-hours channels.
  • Tailored Content:
    Mondo allows you to customize channel-specific content, tailoring messages and responses to meet the unique needs of each communication channel.
  • Assignment Strategies:
    You can choose assignment strategies that align with your business goals and preferences.
  • Efficient Interaction Handling:
    Mondo enables you to configure interaction timeouts, specifying the duration of agent inactivity before reassigning interactions ensuring that customer inquiries are addressed promptly.
  • Priority Weights:
    Assign priority weights to channels, allowing you to manage and allocate resources effectively, giving priority to high-impact channels.

Customer intent classification

Agents can categorise customer intent at any point during an interaction; this is mandatory for concluding a conversation (e.g., classifying a customer’s intent as “Product Information”).

Each intent classification may have a checklist of multiple items to verify before finalising an interaction.
For instance, when the intent is “Find Product,” the checklist may include items such as “Check Availability,” “Price,” and “Sale”.


  • Typically, it corresponds to a website
  • Country-specific boundaries
  • Multilingual support
  • Efficient management of working hours
  • Creation and editing of business-specific content
  • Houses multiple communication channels
  • Out-of-Office-Hours Channel:Defined solely by a name
    Designed to monitor and respond to interactions initiated outside of your regular working hours


  • A subcategory within a channel for agent grouping (e.g., Order Cancellation Queue).
  • Bound to either a client or a business.
  • Configuration closely parallels that of a channel.
  • With Mondo Units, you gain comprehensive control over your business communication management, allowing for efficient customisation and optimisation of your interactions, channels, and queues.

Notification texts

The system automatically dispatches messages at key moments in the interaction flow. Examples include notifications when a customer is assigned to an agent or when a customer contacts outside of business hours.

A simplified illustration of various communication channels, all leading to a person in center, symbolizing the omnichannel or multichannel approach.

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Text templates

  • Standard texts:
    Utilise predefined responses to address customer inquiries efficiently.

    Tailor interaction texts to specific country and language combinations.

  • Email templates:
    Similar to standard texts but tailored specifically for email communications. For instance, a template could address “Sales” inquiries.

Cleanup automation

The system automatically closes interactions where a customer has been inactive for over twenty-four hours.
This comprehensive Interaction Texts Configuration feature enables efficient and effective customer communication, streamlining interactions, categorising intents, and providing automation to enhance productivity.


Teams are strategically organised collections of agents overseen by designated supervisors.

For example, agents can be grouped according to their language proficiency. These teams are linked to specific clients, ensuring seamless alignment with client needs.
Each team possesses a distinct name and comprises a list of supervisors and agents, facilitating efficient collaboration and task delegation.

Key Strategies

These strategies are algorithms used to determine which agent should handle a particular interaction.

RR Memory (Round Robin Memory):

This strategy aims to send interactions one at a time to available agents in the order they were added to the channel or queue. It remembers the last agent to ensure equitable distribution. The agent who receives the conversation is automatically assigned to it.

Ring all:

Under this strategy, an interaction is simultaneously sent to all available agents. The conversation is ultimately assigned to the agent who responds first.


Automatically send an email containing interactions from the current and previous day.

Configuration options:

  • Send time
  • Send days
  • Timezone
  • Recipients
  • Email subject and body
  • File format

Agent allocation

Highly versatile and optimised to support multiple languages.
Agents can be assigned to various channels and queues tailored to your business needs. This flexible allocation empowers you to align your team with specific communication requirements, ensuring a responsive and customized approach.

To maintain top-notch service quality, our system imposes a maximum limit on concurrent interactions for agents.


This strategy comes into play after a specified period of inactivity by an agent in a conversation.
In such cases, the agent is unassigned and penalised, meaning they won’t receive any interactions for a certain duration.

The assignment strategy is then reapplied to ensure effective handling of interactions.
These assignment strategies offer flexibility and efficiency in distributing interactions among agents, optimising response times, and maintaining agent accountability.

Omnichannel integration features

Interactive voice response configration (IVR)

  • Use a user-friendly graphical interface to create call flows via a simple drag-and-drop process.
  • Configure modules and options such as Order Status, Playback, and Playback DTMF.
  • Employ Callback and voicemail modules for effective customer communication.
  • Benefit from multilanguage support to cater to diverse customer bases.
  • Optionally record interactions for quality and compliance purposes.
  • Set variables that enable flow branching, such as checking office hours.
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Chat snippet generator

Streamline the configuration of chat snippets for web chat channels to appear on your website seamlessly. Customise theme colours and text colours for both online and offline modes. Tailor the placement of the snippet launcher on the page. Enhance engagement with animations.
Extend snippet functionality to other text-based services, including Facebook and WhatsApp.

Email integration

Seamlessly integrate email as a service by adding your email server settings, including credentials, server ports for inbound and outbound traffic, and other necessary properties.
Create a new email channel, specifying an Inbox folder, and add a display name and address to ensure smooth communication via email.

This comprehensive Omnichannel Integration solution empowers your organisation to manage various communication channels effectively, offering customisation, ease of use, and seamless integration for enhanced customer engagement.

An email icon featuring bubbles, symbolizing communication.
A chatbot providing interactive and automated communication assistance.

Outbound calls

Empower your business to proactively reach out to customers with Mondo’s outbound calling feature. Seamlessly initiate outbound calls through a robust telephony voice service that ensures clear and reliable communication.

Tailor your outbound calling experience by configuring voice providers effortlessly within our system, accessible through the client view

External Integrations


Occasionally, agents may need to create a ticket within your system to resolve an issue.

You can seamlessly integrate your ticketing platform settings into our system, enabling agents to generate tickets directly from Mondo. This integration also allows for automatic responses to be sent to the customer.

Order status

To provide agents with access to the customer’s order history, integration with Mondo is necessary.
This integration process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring easy configuration.

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A monochrome computer screen displaying a network icon, representing connectivity and digital communication.

Agent events

Stay informed about agent activities such as logins, logouts, receiving interactions, going on breaks, and more.

Life cycle hooks

We can transmit multiple events to you throughout a conversation through web calls.
You can subscribe to any of these events on the client view page, enhancing your real-time visibility into interactions.

Dashboard & Analytics

System overview

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your system’s status.

Experience a holistic view of your system’s health and performance with our System Overview feature. Monitor the heartbeat of your infrastructure and ensure smooth, uninterrupted service. Gain valuable insights into system trends and make data-driven decisions to continually enhance your operations.

Agent Overview

Obtain an insightful overview of your agents’ performance, productivity, and engagement.

Customise your dashboard with various metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligning with your business goals and objectives.
These features provide valuable insights and the flexibility to track and analyse the data that matters most to your organisation.

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